I’m David and this is my personal blog, founded in June 2015. I blog and write about my life and share my experiences for over 3 years online. I actually write about everything: often personal blogs, lifestyle, relationships, home improvement, travelling, sports, friendship, going out, fashion, movies and living. I write columns, short stories and even finished some chapters of my first book :).

I also got married (I married on Friday, April 2011) and everything they say is true: it’s one of the most beautiful days ever. In February 2013, I became a mother of a lovely baby. This cliché is true too: your own child is the best ;-), but I must honestly admit that I sometimes find the motherhood the best.

My nicknames range from Blondie to sporty spice. I am a series and film freak. On vacation I can read piles of books, at home I often do not go out at all when I’m reading my books. I like fashion and shopping, but just do it in a jogging suit as I do groceries. Just keeping it real ;-).

Travel and city trips are something I like, but my love for living and interior makes me very much appreciated at home. I may be addicted to Internet and social media, but who of my generation is not now? 😉

I always want to keep blogging. If it’s up to me, I’ll continue to blog until I stay at the retirement home. I’m blogging this now from my custom laptop with extra large display, font and keyboard. Thank you, therefore, to you as readers who read my blog online. Thanks!

Love, David.